Couches For Afghans



Status 1-10-2015

Afghan Hounds needing couches:

Black Girl (4 years old) – Located in WA area

Black & Tan Boy (2 years old) – Montana
Cream Boy (2 years old) – Montana
Red Black Mask Boy (2 years old) – Louisiana
Red Boy (4 years old) – Loves to Lure course located in TX area
Cream Boy (7 years old) – Would be available to perfect family – TX area
Black & Tan Boy (5 years old) – Only active family – WA state

These dogs are located throughout the US, (some require location restriction – they need to re homed to a specific area). Ground transportation will cost $300.  Air transport depends on current prices (avg $450 & crate). You are also free to make your own transportation arrangements.

Courtesy Listings

Red Black Mask Girl (8 years old) – San Antonio, TX – Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue
4 Girls (8 years old) – Washington State (foster and/or adoption) Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue

Courtesy Puppies

We are aware of  ‘reputable’ breeders that have had puppies lately.  Please contact us for details if you are up for a puppy. These are available for sale.
1 blk mask cream boy – 5 months ($1000)
1 black & tan girl – 5 months ($1000)

2 blk girls – 6 months ($900-$1000)
1 Brindle girl – 6 months ($1500)
1 silver boy – 6 months ($1500)

Cream girl – 6 months ($1500)

2 Black & Tan (5 years old)  Show potential (for sale)
1 Black & Tan (1 year old)  Show potential (for sale)
Adoption – How this works:

1. If you are interested please fill out the Application Questionnaire, describing what you feel will be the best fit for your household. The application is in an Adobe pdf file that should be able to save to your files.  Email the application as an attachment to

2. References will be checked and your paperwork will be forwarded to the current owner/breeder of the dog for review.

3. If we feel we have a dog that will ‘fit’ we will contact you, otherwise we will keep your name on a waiting list and if any become available will be back in touch

4. We will provide pictures of the available dog, schedule a meeting with the dog if possible to see if this will be a ‘fit’ for your situation.

5. You will be asked to sign a Placement Contract prior if you feel you could provide a couch for the dog.  See a sample

6. The current owner/breeder will have the ultimate decision over the process.

7. We are available to provide education and mentoring on every dog that goes through this program.

If in the event for any reason you cannot keep this dog – it must be returned to us.

Surrender – How this works:
1. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to consider placing your Afghan Hound and would like our help finding them a home, please fill out the following Owner relinquishment document.  This helps us try to find the best match for the dog.

Owner Relinquishment Form

2. Let us know the urgency of the situation. If you immediately need a home, we will attempt to arrange someone to pick them up immediately.  If not we will send referrals to you for your review. The current owner/breeder will have the ultimate decision over the process.


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