Couches For Afghans




Mission Statement: To ensure all Afghan Hounds find a couch to call their own in a loving furever home

We love Afghan Hounds – everything about them – from their independent attitudes to high maintenance coat care.

We are offering our services to:

  • People who would love to experience having an Afghan Hound as a companion
  • People who have found Afghan Hounds aren’t for them
  • Retired Afghan Hound Champions
  • Puppies not going to be entering Show competetion for whatever reasons
  • Owners suffering hardship and can not keep their Afghan Hounds

We are NOT Afghan Hound Rescue (we do provide links to our Rescue sites and would ask that you do research available Afghans there first).

The dogs we are helping are not abused nor neglected, but they don’t have access to a couch – most live in kennels and have their entire lives.  They have ofen had affection given at a 1-many ratio instead of a 1-1. Some may lack outside world socialization skills.

Our goal is to connect people who have available couches and love in their hearts for our unqiue breed to these dogs.

We are a registered non-profit with the State of Colorado and in the process of getting our 501(c)3.  Our efforts are funded entirely by donations.  If you would like to donate please click the logo below.







Certificate of Good Standing – Colorado non-profit