Couches For Afghans


“..after you get your first Afghan you either give it away very soon or you become totally addicted”

That about sums up an Afghan Hound – you either love them or you don’t. Seldom will you find a more passionate group of dog owners than ones who love Afghan Hounds.

You will find Afghan Hound owners protective of their breed, not just because there are only a few hunderd registered annually in the United States but also history plays a part  (see ‘All About Afghans’ for more information on history.)

It may seem like they are discouraging you from owning one, but it’s more about protecting their breed and ensuring the placement is successful and the dog will have a loving and caring forever home.

Listed below find some articles & links to help educate you on the breed.  If you need a personal mentor in your geographic location, please let us know and we will see if we can find somone for you to personally interact with.


Characteristics of the Afghan Hound

Coats of Many Colors

Full Coat or Clipped?

Things You May Need

Training Your Afghan

Bathing Your Afghan


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