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Ebay LinkAfghan Hound Club of America Rescue is handling the rescue.  They are in need of donations as these dogs need, vetted, boarding and transport to get them into a permanent adoptive home.  Any amount is appreciated.

This fundraising page is offering ways you can help.

Ebay Auctions:

 Haida print
Donated by Afghan Hound Club of BC.
 lorianneprint  Ebay Link
 Autum Leaves
Signed and numbered limited print by June Leitch Autum (84/100)
All proceeds will go to the CA 30 dogs
Donated by: Nancy Sutton Janousek
 AutumLeaves  Ebay Link
 Original Landscape

Donated by Amy Lynne Adams (Website). This is a huge painting 4’x5′ done in Textured Acrylic & Oil.  Her pieces usually sell for $1200

 19357710_10214108681897869_1002040212_n  Ebay link
 Dichrolic Glass Bracelet

7″ long

Donated by: Nancy Sutton Janousek

 18818115_10212691550942090_1318953531_o  Ebay Link
Dichrolic Glass Pendant

Donated by: Nancy Sutton Janousek

pendant Ebay Link
Dichrolic Glass Earrings

Donated by: Nancy Sutton Janousek

earrings_small.jpg Ebay Link

Store Sales:

 AHCA Rescue Design  19282995_1451540998296347_7905182643124174848_n  Link to Store
 Abstract Print sales donated by Sonya LaFrance  abstractprint.png  Link to Store
 Abstract Travel Mug Donated by Sonya LaFrance  travelmug  Link to store
 Couches for Afghans  Any sales from the store will be donated  Link to Store

Sponsor a dog:  12 dogs were directly rescued by AHCA – $80 x 12 = $960. 3 of those deemed ‘non-adoptable’ so will need rehab and long term evaluations.  The other 9 could possible need further vetting.  Ages ran from 11 years to 4 months – so good chance dentals will need done.  Butterfly will need continued vet care due to her pregnancy.

To sponsor a dog please provide a $40.00 donation in the dogs name.  You will receive an 8×10 photo of the dog (shelter photos) and a silicone awareness wrist band


Butterfly is pregnant.  It was determined that she is carrying 6 puppies and due within the next 2 weeks.  It has been decided that the shelter will let her deliver her babies with the help of AHCA.

Was deemed non adoptable as he tried to nip a shelter worker as they tried to put a leash on him. He has bad ear infection which could have inspired the nipping


Non adoptable as he charged a shelter worker through the cage. Most likely an environmental issue.


Non adoptable as he charged a shelter worker through the cage. Most likely an environmental issue.


Direct donations to their payal (please indicate CA-30) :

Snail mail a check to them (please indicate CA-30): AHCA Rescue,  251 Warwick Lane,  Alabaster, AL. 35007

Adopters: And if interested in giving one of them a permanent home when they become available please email for an application:

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