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*DNA Do Not Adopt.  Please use your own research and make your own decisions, our opinions are not all encompassing. From our experience and history this would be our recommendations.

**Warning to people having to rehome their dogs and listing on Craigslist, or Recycler**

Afghan Hound people tend to be passionate about the hounds, often to the point of fanatic, you could potentially receive a lot of emails, phone calls, some nasty in nature for your decision to rehome the dog. 

  • Some will contact only to try to find out the name of the breeder, so they can crucify the breeder in social media. 
  • Some are lookie-lous, they have no intention, money, transportation consideration lined up to acquire your dog. 
  • Some will pretend they are individuals looking for a dog (the famous line ‘I just lost my older dog’) when in fact they are going to put your dog into foster for eventual adoption.
  • Others will try to acquire the dogs for breeding purposes – if intact – due to the fact they think breeding Afghan Hounds would be a great money making scheme, when in fact Afghan Hounds are a niche market, not dogs you can sell on the street corner and should be prepared to keep them for up to a year to find a good home for them.
  • There were only 400 Afghan Hounds registered last year via AKC.  So the breed is getting extremely rare.  You would think with such a small group, people would come together to help the dogs, but it does not seem that way.
  • When someone is more interested in talking about the ‘people’ than the dog, take heed.
  • Please research potential homes (contact us or use our list for help if you need – we charge NOTHING for our services) , put a contract in place on the dog,etc – be careful out there.



  • Bea Woolman – Buckeye. Adopted 5 dogs, returned 5 dogs.


  • Gail 209-819-2265 – Google search found her phone number associated with the following ad.   “DOGS: MALTESE Mix w/Yorkie 7 mos, Chihuahua 1 yr, 3 lbs & Shih Tzu, 6 mos. All shots. Free to good home. Reworming fee. 209-819-2265”
  • Judy Winters, CA/NV area, needs therapy.  Attempted to steal dog while asked to help with transport.
  • Sara Luiz – Dog she had wound up in Monterey shelter after she attempted to resell on craigslist
  • Wanda Wolski – Whacktvist that exploits rescue dogs. Does not work with a legitimate rescue but attempts to raise funds for dogs to purchase for herself and friends.  Will pose as a buyer/interested party, when her agenda is get the dog into her non-legitimate rescue organization.
  • Evie Chen – Purchased dog from breeder with contract. Put dog up for sale on craigslist in violation of contract. Dog passed away at 20 months old.


  • Kayla Barker (Kayla Dawn Barker) of Red Feather Lakes, CO recently took in several dogs from different shelters and individuals in NM and CO. She posed as a foster and then later as a “rescue” called Rocky Mountain Rebel Rescue. She has family in Fort Collins and Missouri and is willing to drive to other states to get dogs. Her daughter may also be helping her. On July 24th she surrendered 34 dogs to Larimer County Humane Society.
  • Amanda Geisen / Meidal– CO. Turned dog into rescue without contacting breeder (local)
  • Kimberly Wheeler – CO –  Colorado Canine Adoption Network – DO NOT ADOPT to this person. She was given a dog in July and the dog was found abandoned and when she was contacted said she didn’t want the dog anymore so instead of contacting the rescue just let the dog go.
    Name: Kimberly Wheeler
    Facebook: Clover Seven


  • John Norris – Returned young dogs to breeder when moving. Dogs are fearful, not socialized.


  • Olivia 919 901 7974 – Almost rehomed but upon further discussion her ‘other’ animals (which she does not consider ‘pets’ to include in her application) are her husbands coon dogs chained up in the back yard.Kathleen Arney – Had 2 dogs, sold both.


  • Sarah Conners
  • Dayna Johnson – attempted to resell dog under breeder contract to be returned if not wanted anymore
  • Rose  (786) 307-7817 (Has also tried to have friends call for her) From Florida. She’s a little flakey.  Wanted to adopt a pregnant Afghan Hound, I ask why – she said so she could have babies – but if we didn’t have a pregnant one available she would just get a boy and girl and do her own breeding.  Had approached a breeder from Colorado, he asked me to intervene when I did I asked her how she was going to handle the transport – she had no clue how many miles Colorado was from Flordia (and/or Atlanta, just a little odd)
  • Pablo/Paul Severo
  • Cindy Sellers Bayer 
  • Hilary Anne Sojdak


  • David Bechard – Relinquished dogs at shelter night drop off



  • Terry Gonzalez – Animal hoarder (7/14/2008) – 67 Afghan Hounds and 23 birds seized.  Not charged due to cooperation


  • Joellen Bestafka – Dog got loose and killed under her care.  She did not notify the breeder nor look for the dog when it got out. When it was finally found 4 days later it was found deceased.  Any Afghan Hound can get loose, it’s your actions after the fact that display your commitment to the dog.


  • Dan Donatelli  – “The man’s name is Dan Donatelli and he is from Portland, OH. Home visit was done, everything checked out. He had a Borzoi puppy Ringo for 2 weeks and for some reason felt it necessary to kick him and injure his jaw. There is absolutely NO reason on this earth for anyone to kick a Borzoi puppy. This guy is a friend of some big shot. Not sure exactly what he does but it is important he NOT get another puppy of anything!”
  • Dona Milo Grant from Ohio – Got 2 dogs, rehomed both rather than return to breeder
  • Barbara A Boddy-Fogl (USA – Alharin) – Abuse charges –


  • Mia Sebastien, Sapphire Ln, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Vermont) – reselling 2.5 yr old girl


  • Wanda Wolski – Whacktvist that exploits rescue dogs. Does not work with a legitimate rescue but attempts to raise funds for dogs to purchase for herself and friends.  Will pose as a buyer/interested party, when her agenda is get the dog into her non-legitimate rescue organization.


  • Erin Davis – ID. Starved & abandoned dogs.


  • Keith TomaszewskyReturned puppy within 12 hours of adopting


  • Cheryl J Vencel – Brazil IN situation


  • Tonya Carmack
  • Tonya Heavrin – West Point Ky and also Brandenburg Ky
  • Getchen Barton – Steals dogs


  • Rob Threlfall


  • Paula MacDonald – dumped 8 week old puppy she bred into vet hospital to be euthanized due to a broken leg.


  • Terry Gonzales


  • Jessica Andrews
  • Brad Frankel
  • Kristina Harris
  • Christy Tew
  • Hilary Anne Sojdak


  • Sandra Losa Ward / Michael Ward of Dog Academy of North Carolina


  • Rick LaCava – Oklahoma.  Health issues and has a history of his dogs escaping, one killed when hit by car.


  • Kay Craig (aka kay ferguson) – Salem Or
  • Dee Surbrook


  • Dr. William Odom, Advanced Pain Management, Irmo – tied newly adopted German Shepherd up to pole to discard it
  • Hilary Anne Sojdak


  • Joe Lira – San Antonio TX
  • Michael  & Jeanie Regan – Returned dog after threats of taking to the pound if we could not schedule a foster and pickup 2 days before Christmas.
  • or Dallas 😉 Wanda Wolski – Whacktvist that exploits rescue dogs. Does not work with a legitimate rescue but attempts to raise funds for dogs to purchase for herself and friends.  Will pose as a buyer/interested party, when her agenda is get the dog into her non-legitimate rescue organization.


  • Bill Wilkinson – Alexandira, VA – Spent over 6 months attempting to help him find the right dog. Found one, got transport arranged, he quit communicating within one week of pickup.
  • Hilary Anne Sojdak


  • Morrigan Blackwood – Tumwater, Wa. Returned dog less than 30 days. Young & 1st time owner.
  • Mary Murray – Wa. Returned dog


  • Pat Bayne (Patricia, Trica) Casper Wyoming.  Was going to shoot dog if we didn’t pick him up by 7:30pm that evening
  • Carlene Dowell – (WY, MD) – Use to breed Afghan Hounds. Dogs were relinquished to co-breeder at 8 months old. Had never been touched by a human hand.
  • Doug Williams – Wy. Returned dog after promised not to let him out by himself with underground fence. Dog got into trouble.


  • Sara Grant Klotz – Got 2 dogs, rehomed both rather than return to breeder.
  • Hilary Anne Sojdak


Responsible breeding in our opinion encompasses limited breeding, health testing and or not breeding dogs with health issues, taking back their dogs if they get into trouble (regardless of the age and/or breeding functionality), do not breed just for the money – being ethical in their dealings with adopters.

  • Victoria Spencer – California, Colorado – does not return money
  • Jerre Ford
  • Brad Frankel / Kristina Harris
  • Bill Rose
  • Jennifer Tachovsky VA area – expressed interest in breeding Halfghans (so not sure would be pure Afghan Hound). Breeder contract violations.
  • Annette Rosenow
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