Couches For Afghans

Grooming Pearls


Tips & Tricks provided by Afghan Hound Lovers

Rita Hendrix (Kramatir Afghan Hounds)

I always brush through & spray Water or
K9 Competition Nano Mist or
A small amount of Pantene Conditioner and fill with water in a Spray bottle (can be Purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply or equivalent) to completely brush out coat.
If you don’t completely remove the mats they become tight knots during the bath.
For Brushing or Grooming mine are always standing on the Grooming table.
Helps process go quickly.

I Never ever use a Mat Rake…….
Rips out too much coat.
I Love the Fat Handled “RESCO” combs to break apart mats and help keep your hand from getting tired.

The More Frequently you Bath an Afghan Hound the longer the coat will grow.

I use a Good Boar Bristle Brush…..
It Feels good to them
And it distributes their
Coat oil.

Pantene shampoo & Conditioners diluted.
Crown Royal shampoo & Conditioner
My Favorite
Shampoo & Conditioner

Are All products that work well on an Afghan Hound.
Depending on your Budget.

My Favorite Slicker
Is the Curved 4 inch wide Chris Christensen
Mark VII ….


Norma Jean Johnson StewartEasy pick up on Boar’s hair brushes at any human beauty supply store like Sally’s…..etc…


Maureen SelvigI’ve also used Silk to take out mats. If you rub just a very small amount of it into the mat, it makes the mat slippery and it easily pulls a part, or you can gently pick it apart with a comb.—coat-oil.aspx


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