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King Fundraiser

Raising funds for 14 month old boy owned by Joey Kingery – who has been diagnosed with Lung Lobe Torsion.  Getting the diagnosis has cost over $6300 – now onto the operation which is estimated to be around $6000.

King has developed Chylothorax (which is not a rare disease for Afghan Hounds) after the surgery which could require a second operation at $3,000, collecting more donations.  Total cost of vetting $6300 from original incident (Er & Hopless Clinic) – most of this covered by owner & breeder.  Operations at Virginia Tech Medical School total is $12,000.  Donations appreciated either monetary or items for auction, store purchases and always and of course prayers 🙂

King is still producing Chyle – and being drained but has seemed to turn a corner and has started eating & drinking on his own – so we only hope the Chylothorax will resolve.

The Chylothorax did not resolve, we lost King on 8/25/2017.

We still have medical bills to pay so are continuing our fundraiser as well as seeking legal remedy.



We have the following ways you can help.

  • 4. T-shirt & blanket & other goodie sales with special designs made for King


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