Couches For Afghans

Medical Needs

5 Afghan Hounds Medical Needs Fundraiser

Hoping to raise $3,000 to help fund some medical needs for some Afghan Hounds.  So far our medical needs are:
1.  Perineal Hernia Repair Surgery – $1600  (needed asap)
2.  Spay for Sherry from Korean Meat Market
3.  UTI & Eye Infection treatment & follow up for foster
4.  Dermatologist Specialist
5.  Cryptorchid Surgery/Neuter

How you can help:

Donations via paypal –

GoFundMe Page

Ebay auction

Purchase from the Couches For Afghans Store

Item donations for ebay auction – please contact us.

And as always… donations if you can spare, prayers, cares & shares either way.





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